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Find Dream Job Through LinkedIn
July 1, 2011

In a recent Pew Internet & American life survey, 18% of American adults revealed they use LinkedIn. This number is much lower than those using Facebook and Twitter. Even more shocking, only 6% of those adults use LinkedIn daily, and nearly twice as many men (63%) as women (37%) use LinkedIn.

There is a positive side; more and more college students are utilizing the site for professional development after graduation.  Nearly 28% of college students plan to seek employment with the help of the social application, LinkedIn.

Since students are using digital tools to find their dream jobs, it is vital that employers keep up with their image.  Updates, news, and employment opportunities should be updated as often as necessary; companies should also maintain an active voice online so that viewers know “someone is there”.  Employees agree; almost 60% say social networking sites are popular tools to reach Generation Y candidates.

With the right approach, LinkedIn can be very beneficial when searching for a job. Here are some important steps for using the application:

  1. Sign up!
  2. Optimize your profile. A title that clearly represents who you are is crucial, as well as a professional picture.
  3. Optimize your network.  Search for groups that add value to your site and start off by joining one or two.
  4. Optimize your LinkedIn routine. Make it a regular part of your day to be engaged in LinkedIn communities. Maintain your LinkedIn presence.

Case Study:  UPS is a company who has utilized the power of Web 2.0.  The company posts videos and updates about employment opportunities and the benefits of being an employee for UPS.  The company also established an alert system which provides updates to subscribers’ phones. In 2010, the company hired 955 employees through their social media platform.  The CEO describes the decision to commit to Web 2.0 as a “time commitment that you have to be willing to do.”