Social Media Marketing
July 1, 2011

The best colleges and universities all use social media as a way to attract potential students.  According to  Kaplan survey, 82 percent of American universities have set up Facebook pages to communicate with prospective students during the admissions process. The social media page may even have the same information as the school website; however, the social media is a way for connect with students in a destination they are likely to be found.  According to  Pew Internet &  American Life survey, 52% of Facebook users and 33% of Twitter users engage with the platform daily. Thus, colleges are recognizing a powerful tool within social media.

Schools will need to remain active to maintain their online presence.  Schools should participate on the page and reply to comments daily.  This allows schools to connect to the online community to see the types of potential students or parents interested in the school.

Moreover, there are a few exceptional colleges who have utilized social media in new and interesting ways:

Notre Dame: Notre Dame includes their social media policy on the school website. Notre Dame news can be found throughout social media like Facebook and Twitter.  The school even offers Irish Alert text messaging to stay update on sports.

Baylor University: It seems that social networking comes natural for Baylor. The university is the 5th most influential college on Twitter, one of the top 30 social media colleges in the United States, and has over 40,000 “likes” on the school Facebook page.

Mayo Medical School: This medical school has used Facebook to offer a more enriching orientation for new students, causing 100% participation.  Through the social media, students are able to connect and get to know each other in an easier and more fun way.

As social media becomes more popular, Facebook and other social networking sites will continue to become more popular among colleges.